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2019 // Nuremberg, Germany

See how successful iSEnEC 2016 was


Dr. Daniel Teichmann

CEO Hydrogenious Technologies, Exhibitor

“We have participated at the iSEnEC with two presentations and a company booth and are already looking forward to the next edition in 2018. The iSEnEC brought the world-leading experts from all over the world together and offered a very good mixture of both, academic and industrial partners. Conference days as well as the dinner event were not only highly enjoyable, but also enabled us to get to know new partners and consequently increase our network.”

Daniel Teichmann
Jochen Homann

Jochen Homann

President Federal Network Agency

“In Germany, power generation using renewable energies (RE) is a success story. Last year the average share accounted for by RE-generated electricity was 33 percent. The success of RE as a power supply source was made possible by the Renewable Energy Act (Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz / EEG). The EEG feed-in tariffs and premiums have proved to be an effective instrument in the market introduction of RE. But the great success is the reason why this supporting instrument must now be subject to a review. In other words: the EEG must not be reformed because it has failed, but because it is so successful. The rapid growth in RE-based power generation has resulted in challenges for Germany’s power grids and those of its neighbours, e.g. ring circuits in transmission grids and high re-dispatch costs. Germany does not currently have the infrastructure to direct electricity from regions in the North and East, where there is much RE-based power generation, to industrial clusters in the South. More than 3,800 kilometres of new transmission lines are required. The restructuring of the entire energy sector in an industrial nation such as Germany is a complex project involving many sectors, corporate interests, citizens and inhabitants. The energy turnaround will however only be successful when the national power grid keeps pace with the further development of RE. The iSEnEC Conference will provide an outstanding opportunity to discuss this challenge and necessary solution processes.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Weinhold

CTO Division Energy Management, Siemens

“The Siemens company is one of the largest employers in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and among others a leader in energy generation and transmission systems. Siemens is actively supporting the transformation in the energy market. The world is changing and becoming more regenerative. In this connection, power transmission and distribution is playing an important role. It is necessary to efficiently integrate renewable energies in the network (grid) with the help of innovative technologies and then direct them to the power loads. In addition, in the Smart Grid, a flexible interaction of variable energy generation using the wind and sun with conventional power stations, power loads and, increasingly, also energy storage units, is becoming ever more important. I am pleased that we now have a major energy conference like iSEnEC in Nuremberg, which is aimed at linking a number of individual technologies and thus considers the energy system as a whole.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Weinhold
H. H. Gregor Maria Hanke OSB

H. H. Gregor Maria Hanke OSB

Bishop of Eichstätt

“The first account of creation in the Book of Genesis describes how God creates the world and human beings. “God looked all over he had made and he saw that it was very good.” (Gen 1.31) The Lord entrusts people with his work to then take charge of it. This means that we then have a responsibility to preserve creation and protect the Earth from destruction. In his “Laudato Si” (Praise be to you) encyclical, Pope Francis has emphatically reminded us of this duty and warned of the consequences of climate change.

I am therefore delighted that NürnbergMesse together with its partners Bayern Innovativ, ENERGIE CAMPUS NÜRNBERG, ENERGIEregion Nürnberg e.V. as well as the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg is staging the “Integration of Sustainable Energy Conference” in an exceptional thematic spectrum, and in addition to the technical and economic, is also taking account of the social aspects of a sustainable ecological turnaround. I will be delighted to participate in this interdisciplinary dialogue with a plenary lecture at the conference."

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt

Chairman, Scientific Directorate, ENERGIE CAMPUS NÜRNBERG

“The ENERGIE CAMPUS NÜRNBERG (NUREMBERG ENERGY CAMPUS) is an interdisciplinary research platform for developing a sustainable energy economy based on renewable energy sources. We are systematically expanding the expertise that is already available in our regional research and academic institutions, and are cooperating closely with industrial partners to implement our results. The iSEnEC encourages interdisciplinary communication so as to advance from research to system integration, and to make our results available to an international public.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Arlt
Jens Hauch

Dr. Jens Hauch

Managing Executive Board Member, ENERGIEregion & Head of Renewable Energy, ZAE Bayern

“As a platform for information and networking in energy and the environment, ENERGIEregion Nürnberg e.V. initiates forward-looking projects and advances knowledge transfer in Northern Bavaria. The iSEnEC offers a platform where we can present our local network internationally and attract new partners. With the iSEnEC, we and our other partners have developed a format that demonstrates internationally what can already be done today when industry and science cooperate in designing future energy systems.”

Bahne N. Beckmann

Director Exhibition & Convention Centre NürnbergMesse GmbH

„NürnbergMesse is relying at the right time on topics with a promising future: Until now there has been no event anywhere in German-speaking Europe that focuses on the crucial aspect of systems integration for renewable energy. In the heart of our metropolitan region, the iSEnEC is already gathering together experts who will play central roles in defining the future of the renewable energy industry. The expert participation of strong partners from business and research will enable us to organise the conference in ways that provide a perfect match to the industry’s needs.”

Bahne N. Beckmann
Fotos: NürnbergMesse / Heiko Stahl